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This is a continuation of Eaccelerator Installation topic here.

To install eAccelerator control panel, copy control.php to your main html folder. We’ll use /var/www/html and http://server.domain.com in our example.

Through SSH

Change directory.

cd /tmp/eaccelerator-

Copy control.php to your main html folder.

cp control.php /var/www/html

Edit control.php. Change $user and $pw to your desired username and password.

$user = "admin";
$pw = "eAccelerator";

Edit the file /etc/php.d/eaccelerator.ini

vi /etc/php.d/eaccelerator.ini



Save and exit.

Restart Apache.

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

View your eAccelerator control panel at http://server.domain.com/control.php